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Soccer is enjoyed by nearly four billion fans every year making it the world’s most popular sport. Soccer fans are also known for being extremely passionate and dedicated. While soccer is quickly growing in popularity in the United States, the only way to truly experience the game as a fan is by traveling to another country. These are the four cities every soccer fan must visit at some point in their life.


The sport of soccer was created in England, so their immense love for the game is not surprising. While it is easy to get a great soccer experience in nearly every major city in the country, none of them are able to top London. A total of 11 professional teams currently play their home games in London including Chelsea, Tottenham, and Arsenal. In addition to the excellent club teams, Wembley Stadium also holds several huge matches every year.


Italy’s Serie A is one of the oldest professional soccer leagues in the world. Two of the most successful teams in the league call Milan home. Inter Milan and AC Milan have both won 18 club titles in their rich history. The lack of space in the city forces these two iconic teams to share a stadium. This creates one of the best atmospheres in sports when AC Milan and Inter Milan collide in front of more than 80,000 divided fans at the San Siro.


No soccer league has featured more talent over the last five years than Spain’s La Liga. Real Madrid has won 33 La Liga titles, and they are arguably the best team in the world at the moment. Athletico Madrid also calls the city home, and they are quickly becoming a powerhouse in European soccer. Watching either of these two teams play their rivals from Barcelona will be an unbelievable experience for any soccer fan.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires easily has the most passionate soccer fans in the entire world. Boca Juniors and River Plate are the two club teams based in the city. While they may not get much recognition outside of Argentina, the annual matches between Boca Juniors and River Plate create a tense experience that cannot be topped. The streets of Buenos Aires are literally flooded with soccer fans for days in anticipation of the match.

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