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The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sport events in the world and brings in millions of viewers each year. People outside of the US even watch it. It’s a huge deal to win, and this year’s winner will make history. Today, let’s look at the importance of winning for both the teams and their fans.

The Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have the most hardcore fans in the entire league. Known for destroying property, assaulting other teams’ fans, and rioting after losses, there is sure to be a strong reaction in Philly, no matter the outcome. While none of these actions are normal or okay, it is understandable that Eagles fans would react so strongly. The Eagles have been only been to two prior Super Bowls, and they lost both times. Even during their strongest years, the Eagles have consistently managed to falter one too many times.

Obviously, a first Super Bowl victory would be huge for the Eagles and Philadelphia. One other person it would be huge for is Nick Foles, who is standing in for Carson Wentz as QB. Foles has had a roller coaster season, with wins against tough opponents and losses against weak ones. There is no real way to assume how he will play, and that can either be terrific or terrible for the Eagles. Either way, don’t expect to make it anywhere on Monday if you’re in Philly.

The Patriots

Currently, the Steelers have the record for most Super Bowl wins at 6. The Patriots have 5, which means they would tie the Steelers for the record. There are a few extra bonuses if the Patriots win, though. They will have won two consecutive seasons, which six other teams have done as well. However, the Steelers, once again, are the only team to have done so two different times. This would again show that the Patriots are as good as the Steelers.

Furthermore, Tom Brady has a lot riding on this win. If the Patriots win, Brady will be the only QB who has won six Super Bowls. At 40 years old, this would prove that age doesn’t matter when it comes to playing well. Although, he won’t have to worry about his career, as team president Jonathan Kraft gave Brady the right to retire whenever he wants. We can assume that means at least a few more years, barring any huge life changes.

Overall, the Super Bowl is a huge event and is significant to both the teams and the fans. This time, the Patriots are expected to win, but an underdog victory for the Eagles would be game-changing. All we can do is sit tight until Sunday and hope for the best.