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Autumn is the time when many individuals get sick, but they can protect their health in a variety of ways.

Way 1: Eat a Nutritious Diet

The colder temperatures of autumn may lead to comfort food cravings, but it is possible to eat a nutritious daily diet. While shopping for groceries, look for fresh broccoli florets to add to baked macaroni and cheese to increase its level of vitamins and minerals. It is also possible to use unsweetened applesauce instead of oil in baked goods such as cake.

Way 2: Get an Influenza Immunization

Contact a local health center to schedule an influenza immunization before the holiday season begins. Many individuals become sick from influenza, leading to fever, nausea, and chills for several days. There are also serious complications from having influenza, including pneumonia.

Way 3: Drink More Water

Staying hydrated in the autumn can prevent illnesses, because the mucus membranes of the nose and throat are more moist. Buy reusable water bottles to fill with water, and also, it is possible to add flavoring ingredients to the water. Experts suggest that drinking at least eight servings of water each day is essential, but by drinking more than this, an individual can prevent dehydration.

Way 4: Wash Hands Frequently

Anyone wanting to avoid an illness in the autumn should wash his hands frequently with warm water and soap. While hand sanitizers are helpful for eliminating germs, washing the hands is still the best way to eliminate bacteria and viruses. Make sure to wash between the fingers and along the fingernails to get rid of any contagious pathogens.

Way 5: Keep Exercising Each Day

To maintain weight and muscle tone, everyone should continue to exercise in the autumn. It is easy to have a home gym with small barbells or a yoga mat, but a local gym will have equipment such as elliptical machines or treadmills.

Way 6: Proper Skin Care

The cold temperatures of autumn combined with the warm air in a home can lead to having dry or cracked skin on the body or face. Switching to a gentler soap that won’t remove the skin’s oils can protect the skin from damage, but it is also a good idea to apply lotions or creams on the skin each day.

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