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Fall is here, and that means the weather is going to get colder, the days will be more dreary, and everyone will spend more time inside. With everyone stuck inside for much longer, this time can become difficult for families who have grown used to spending time apart. To make it easier, I’ve compiled a few activities that can help everyone in the family have a great time together.

Board and Card Games

Who doesn’t love a good board game? Today’s market consists of a lot more than Monopoly and Mouse Trap. You can find just about any kind of game you could think of, from role-playing to cooperative and even reimagined takes on classics. There are games for people of all age ranges, making it really easy to include younger siblings while still keeping Mom and Dad entertained.

Don’t have the time or money to splurge on a pricey board game? Try picking up a few decks of cards next time you go shopping! Card games can keep people entertained for hours, and I’m not only talking about poker. There are tons of unique card games out there, and you can find many you’ve never heard of on the internet. The best part is they are typically really easy to set up and require few items.

Time Capsule

When you were a kid, you may have participated in the creation of a time capsule. Regardless of your experience with them, I encourage you to start one with your family! First, set a date where the capsule will be opened. Then, have everyone in the family write letters to be included. They could be letters to their future self, reflections on their lives right now, or anything else they can think of. Then, have everyone pick a few items they want to include, find a vessel, and pack everything in. Finally, pick somewhere to store your time capsule until the appropriate date. While this is a one-time kind of activity, it still is fun and meaningful, and it will definitely lead to some surprises down the line.


Everyone has some level of creativity, and kids are often a great source for new material. Sit down with your family and make up a story that everyone can be a part of. You can write it down, record a live-action play, or even start a podcast. Not only will this help your family bond, but it will also inspire your kids to continue using their imagination in the future.

Cold, damp, and dreary weather is not the best, but it does not have to signal bad times at home. When you feel your family getting stir-crazy, pull out one of these activities and prepare to have a good time together.

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