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Participation in sports can provide significant value for a young person. Athletics strengthens the body, promotes healthy living and improves one’s physical appearance. Moreover, youths who play sports often learn the value of hard work, sacrifice, teamwork, and self-improvement. That said, the question many parents find themselves asking is that sport is right for their child? This brief blog attempts to answer that question.

Increase Exposure To A Variety Of Sports

Arguably, the most effective way to determine which activity might be most appropriate for a specific child is to introduce different sports to said individual. By exposing the young person to many different sports, a parent can gauge the youth’s interest level for specific activities.

Pay Attention To Subtle Hints

Sometimes, young people will display certain interests through the conversations they have and the hobbies they partake in. Should a youth discuss a certain sport or player in that endeavor or enjoy watching a specific activity on television, such subtle hints might indicate their desire to play the game.

Consider The Vitals

In identifying the appropriate sport(s) for a child to play, parents are strongly encouraged to consider the youth’s vital statistics. A young person’s age, weight, height and body type could play a significant role in determining if said individual will enjoy or be successful partaking in a given activity. For example, a youth who is tall and lean might be better suited to play volleyball or basketball, while a shorter or faster peer may find soccer more amenable.

Factor In The Child’s Schedule

Certain sports require more practice time or have lengthier weekly and monthly schedules than others. Should one’s offspring adhere to a busy schedule rife with scholastic, familial and community obligations, a less demanding activity may need to be identified.

Understand A Child’s Personality And Social Skills

A child’s social abilities could prove critical in helping said person identify a sport to participate in. A youth who is highly social and outgoing might thrive in a team sport like baseball, football or basketball. However, a young person who does not yet possess such social abilities may be better served to partake in an individual sport like tennis.

The Family’s Disposable Income

Participation in certain sports can be costly. In those cases, a family’s income could determine a child’s specific participation. Endeavors that require the purchase of expensive equipment or have high participation fees might not be suitable for families operating on limited budgets.