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As summer ends and the temperatures slowly begin to drop, the summer sports that thrive in the heat and sun also come to their conclusions. There are many fall sports that can provide entertainment, exercise, and fun, and listed below are a few unique options for you to check out.

Field Hockey

Among the few sports where mixed-gender teams are allowed and fairly common, field hockey provides a challenging but rewarding experience. The sport requires a high level of skill and dedication, but after learning the basics, you’ll have a great time on the field. Scoring in field hockey is notably difficult, but with a strong team, you’ll not only have a higher chance of hitting the ball into the goal, but you’ll also have an opportunity to make strong, lasting friendships. As one of the most popular sports in the world, field hockey is a classic fall sport that is sure to provide a good, enjoyable workout.


Known as the oldest sport in America, lacrosse is one of the fastest sports you can play. Many skills used in other sports are applied when playing lacrosse, so it’s a great sport for those with wide interests and diverse abilities; of course, lacrosse is a challenging sport, so it takes some effort to train your body to play, but the work is worth it. An interesting feature of lacrosse is that your height doesn’t play any effect on your potential, unlike some other sports; anyone can play if they are willing to work hard and be a part of a team. Even if lacrosse isn’t the sole sport for you, playing it can provide a fun way for you to hone skills needed for other sports.


Though technically fencing is a sport played year round, fall is the perfect time to start training and pick up a foil, epee, or sabre. This sport may be unconventional in terms of popularity, but not only is it great for cardio and core training, but it has a cognitive component and forces you to use your mental abilities in addition to your physical tactics. Fencing also provides a unique experience to connect with other people one on one. The main difficulty with fencing is that your opportunities to participate might be limited based on your area—most schools don’t even have a fencing team—but there are a number of fencing clubs in the U.S., and many sports organizations and complexes offer classes.


Though still lacking significant popularity in the U.S., rugby continues to be a renowned global sport, and given its status as an Olympic competition, its reputation certainly won’t die out any time soon. Much like lacrosse, your height won’t negatively impact your ability to play; in fact, there are positions best suited by a diverse array of height, so a variety is encouraged. Rugby is a remarkably physical sport with more physical contact than most, so if you aren’t afraid to get fired up and dirty, rugby has a place for you.

Even as the weather gets cooler, there are still sports, both outdoor and indoor, that present great opportunities for training, camaraderie, and fun. Try a few of the sports listed above and you might just find a new way to work out this fall.

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