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When a parent has a child who isn’t athletic, they may worry about their physical fitness. Some children don’t like participating in team sports that are competitive, and they may not like strenuous exercise. However, that doesn’t mean that a child can’t participate in fitness activities, just because it is possible to find a fun activity. Consider these exercises for a timid child who doesn’t like competitive sports.

Fitness Activity 1: Yoga

Yoga has been an enjoyable physical activity for many years, and a child doesn’t need to do handstands. There are simple poses and motions that can build a child’s strength, flexibility or self-esteem while also improving the mind’s focus.

Fitness Activity 2: Horseback Riding

Riding a horse is a great fitness activity that increases the strength in a child’s thighs, back, and hips. A child who doesn’t enjoy physical activity around other children may love horseback riding in a paddock or woods.

Fitness Activity 3: Swimming

Swimming in a pool at home or a community center is great exercise. A parent can enroll their child in swimming lessons that aren’t competitive, or they can teach their child how to swim. Learning how to swim is important for the future, and it can help to relieve stress.

Fitness Activity 4: Cycling

Learning how to ride a bicycle is not competitive, and it is a way for a child to have better balance. In addition to cycling for fun, a child can use a bicycle for transportation to school or a part-time job. Cycling can improve the body’s cardiovascular system while it tones the muscles.

Fitness Activity 5: Golfing

It is possible to find small golf clubs that are designed for children, and walking on a golf course is fantastic exercise. While several children can play a game of golf at one time, this fitness activity does not involve any contact with other players.

Fitness Activity 6: Playing Catch

Throwing a ball to a young child is excellent exercise for parents and their child. It is easy to use a foam ball with a younger child, but an older child might prefer using a harder ball and a baseball mitt.

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