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Exercising five to seven times a week is a general recommendation and a key factor for living a healthy life. A fixed income or limited resources do not have to be a deterrent to reaching anyone’s goals for peak physical condition and health. There are a number of things to do to stretch a limited exercise dollar. Talk with friends and family to learn tips on what they do to stay in shape and keep more money in their pockets. Here are a few ideas to consider and share with others.

Make Your Home Your Gym

All that’s needed is a reasonable size area inside or out for stretching and putting down an exercise mat. Exercising in the sunshine on a beautiful day with a bird singing in a tree may even be pleasurable and not dreaded. DVDs and online workout sites are in abundance and, with a little searching, there is sure to be one that matches any skill level and interests.

Join a Walking or Running Group

All that is really needed is a good pair of shoes, and there is no limit! Joining a group will help make the exercise experience more enjoyable. Take turns letting the members decide where to run or walk, and learn about unknown but interesting locations in your town or neighborhood.

Reuse or Repurpose

Over the years, most of us are guilty of accumulating exercise equipment. Some may be as large as rowing machines or as small as hand weights. A look around the attic or garage may net some dusty equipment just waiting for an inspired user. Often, people will donate to thrift stores or consignment shops the health equipment that they no longer use. These resold items can offer an inexpensive source for tools to get in tiptop shape. A little creativity can also produce functional equipment. Stones of various sizes can be used as progressive hand weights when walking in the outdoors. Indoors, plastic drink bottles can be filled with different amounts of water to serve the same purpose.

Everyone can enjoy a fit body without spending too much money. All it takes is a little hunting around and a little creativity to find a motivating, stick-to program for people of all age groups and income levels.

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