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Exercising with your family is a great way to keep everyone motivated. Still, sometimes going for a run or doing pull-ups is boring on its own, which is why it’s a good idea to keep a few exercise games in your back pocket. If you want to switch up your exercise routine and have a little more fun, here are a few games you can play as a family.

Exercise Cards

This game is simple. You take a regular deck of playing cards and assign a different exercise to each suit. For example, spades might be push-ups and hearts could be crunches. Then, shuffle the deck and each person draws a card. The number on the card is the number of reps you do for that exercise, with aces being 1, jacks being 11, queens being 12, and kings being 13. Once you’ve finished the card, you can set it aside and choose a new one, or take a quick break to rehydrate. This game can go for as long as you can handle it, or if you have a big family, until the deck runs out.

Simon Says

Everyone knows the beloved childhood game Simon Says. However, when using it for exercise, try to be creative with your commands. You could choose yoga poses or a race around the house. Just make sure your family listens for the “Simon says”.


Another childhood game that holds up over time is kickball. If you have a large yard or can go somewhere with plenty of outdoor space, kickball is a great game to play. If you have a few kids, you can either split up teams by ability level, or you can do a parents vs. kids game. Just make sure your kids get a bit of leeway so they feel like it’s a more even competition.

Pool Games

If you have a pool, there are plenty of games you can play. Buy a watermelon ball and have two teams that try to tag it on either side of the pool. Or, set up a game of Marco Polo with pool noodles as distractions. You can also play Follow The Leader, where people take turns doing different jumps off of the diving board. Swimming itself is a good workout, but adding a game element will make it much more fun.

While completing a regular workout routine as a family can be beneficial, it’s also a good idea to switch things up on occasion. Before getting together for your next family workout, suggest some of these ideas and see which ones gain the most interest.

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