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If you’re a big fan of sports, you might be wondering if you can turn that interest into a career. Most of us will never be professional athletes, and some people don’t want that kind of lifestyle. However, there are tons of other options for people looking to enter the field. Not sure where to start? Try looking for a degree program in one of these fields.

Sports Management

Most people are enticed by the action of sports, but few people understand the logistics that happen behind the scenes. As a sports management major, you’ll learn about the business aspects of every major sports. From college football to professional hockey, you’ll be prepared to take on many different areas of business from a sports perspective. Some potential jobs include agent, general manager, or an event coordinator. Then, once you’re ready to settle down and live a slower lifestyle, there’s always the option of becoming a professor and teaching the next wave of sports fanatics.

Physical Therapy

Perhaps you are interested in pursuing a sports career, but you feel pressured to attain a “practical” degree. Physical therapy is often a great compromise between both. First, you will need to go to school for a science-related degree, such as pre-med, biology, or anatomy. Then, you must complete a Doctor of Physical Therapy program, after which you need to pass licensing exams. All of this may sound like significant effort, but it can lead to a really lucrative path. Plus, if you gain a reputation as a great physical therapist, you may be able to work your way up to helping out professional athletes.

Communications/Broadcast Journalism

When you think of jobs in sports, it can be easy to overlook some of the most significant positions out there: commentator, reporter, and analyst. If you turn on ESPN, you’ll quickly notice just how many people have daily talk-show style programs. There’s also the route of radio broadcaster, too, if you’re camera shy. Behind the scenes, you’ll have camera operators, editors, and audio technicians who make all of the recorded footage look and sound perfect. All of these jobs have one thing in common — a communications or broadcast journalism degree.


Finally, there is a field of study that covers what is arguably the most important part of sports: marketing. Marketers can set up brand deals, negotiate ad time, or even collaborate with creative types to rebrand a team. Marketing is where the money is really made, so it’s one of the biggest parts of the sports industry. You may have to start off with a local, minor-league team, but really great marketers may work their way all the way to the top.

Millions of kids grow up wants to be professional athletes. Over time, they may realize that dream won’t become a reality. However, those who really love sports can find a role they are interested in within the industry, and still get to make an impact out on the field.

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