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Spring brings so many exciting sights and activities to explore. You might be lost in all the exuberance to know where to start. While you’re trying to get some ideas together, consider these activities you can do with your family.

Celebrate Spring With DIY Projects

Springtime is the time to celebrate new life. In the spring, you see ladybugs, butterflies, birds, and flowers popping up all over. It’s fun to create indoor DIY projects incorporating the things you see in spring. A fun DIY project involves making paper butterflies that can be colored or painted in a variety of ways. Hang these butterflies in your hallway with string. The slightest breeze will cause these butterflies to flitter about.

Decorate Your Home

It’s fun to celebrate each season with new decorations in the home. It doesn’t have to be much either. It could be a small can of paint to add a new color to a wall. For example, add spring green to a wall to pair with carob-colored couches. A pastel blue wall works well with beige or white couches. Add flowers throughout your home. You can use fake flowers to prevent allergies, and use them the following year when it’s spring again. You can add trees with miniature lights in the kitchen. Little touches here and there will make you and your family happier.

Plant Flowers and Trees

It’s fun to get outside and enjoy the sun and fresh air. Planting flowers and trees with your family offers a good learning experience for little ones, and you attract little bugs and birds to your garden. A fun activity to do is to create topsy-turvy planters. You use ceramic pots that have a hole in the bottom to feed rebar or a stake through. Stack your pots on top of each other diagonally in opposing directions. Add flowers, succulents or anything else you like. You can use pots for all of your flowers and trees if you don’t have a yard. People have planted things on their roof, in rain gutters affixed to the sides of their houses and in barrels. You can find amazing ways to grow plants too.

Another amazing thing about spring is that it gets you moving and wanting to spend time with the family. Keep finding new things to do with your family every season.