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The leaves are drifting. The daylight hours are shortening. When autumn approaches, it’s time to bundle up the kids and enjoy the season while it lasts. Here are just a few ideas for having fun in the fall.

1. Enjoy an Apple a Day

Apples are one of the quintessential features of fall. Thankfully, a lot can be done with them! From baking apple turnovers to bobbing for apples in a barrel, there are plenty of ways to turn these sweet treats into sweet times.

2. Attend a Harvest Festival

Harvest festivals offer a variety of family-friendly events to celebrate the turning of the seasons. From hayrides to pumpkin carving contests, there’s a little something for everyone at a good harvest festival.

3. Host a Bonfire

Fall is the perfect time of year for bonfires. Parents and kids alike can enjoy the gentle crackling of a good blaze, and if someone packs chocolate and marshmallows, a family night of s’mores and ghost stories will naturally follow.

4. Make Fall-Themed Crafts

Leaves can be painted and glued to construction paper. Lunch bags can be turned into scarecrows. Acorns can be transformed into ornaments and mason jar decorations. There are dozens of ways to embrace the fall season with arts and crafts, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

5. Fly a Kite

It would be a shame not to take advantage of the nice weather before it gets too cold. Kite flying is only one of the fun outdoor activities that people enjoy in the fall, but it’s a pretty popular one. The windy days make it hard to resist.

6. Visit a Local Farm

Corn fields are another staple of fall, and many cities are quick to open them for tours and maze games when the time is right. They enjoy the revenue, and families enjoy a day away from home. Everyone wins!

7. Play in the Leaves

Last but certainly not least, many kids consider it a time-honored tradition to leap into a big pile of leaves. Mom and dad can bring a camera to the occasion, and the family dog might enjoy a leap or two as well.

These are just a few fall activities that will delight the whole family. The season won’t last forever, so enjoy the sights, sounds, and colors while they last!

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